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transform your profile with a non-surgical nose job

Get a new nose in an hour – no surgery necessary! While #liquidrhinoplasty is currently trending on TikTok, Elevate Medical Spa’s nose filler expert Tristan has been providing this treatment for years. This non-surgical alternative to traditional rhinoplasties allows patients to see a straighter, more defined nose with very little downtime and at a fraction of the cost of surgery.

What is a non-surgical nose job?

The procedure involves strategically placing small amounts of filler composed of hyaluronic acid to augment the shape of the nose. This can involve straightening the bridge, lifting the tip, and/or softening a dorsal hump. Filler can also be used to correct a previous rhinoplasty that the patient is unhappy with or would like further refinement. The nose is the only area of the face that actually appears smaller when filler is added, creating an optical illusion to the eye of a more feminine, petite nose.

What is the treatment like?

A consultation is always first recommended to determine if you are a candidate and to discuss goals. During the treatment, numbing cream is first applied, and then the actual injecting begins. Tristan skillfully injects filler where needed, sculpting the nose shape like an artist! Then, she massages the area to ensure the filler is integrated into the area. A follow up appointment is scheduled for a few weeks after the first session to touch up the area after swelling.

Why choose Elevate?

Because of the risks and potential complications that can involve your eyesight, it's essential you choose a highly experienced and qualified injector who understands the anatomy of the face and the blood vessels around your nose and eyes. Our liquid rhinoplasty specialist Tristan regularly hones in on her anatomy skills and stays up to date with training to ensure a safe and effective treatment for all patients.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with Tristan at Elevate South Tampa to get started.


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